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Laura Bedson: IFBB Pro & Fitness Expert

IFBB Pro Laura Bedson graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science and in 2022 she earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. She is a certified personal trainer (CPT) as accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

When she was 24, Laura won her IFBB pro card in the Figure division at NPC Junior USAs! Along with that, she dawned the title of “Youngest Figure IFBB Pro in Kentucky” and holds it still to this day.


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"I started my bodybuilding journey with very little guidance. I knew I wanted to compete at some point, but had no idea where to start. That's when I inquired about becoming a client of Laura. That decision was hands down one of the best I've ever made. Laura and I jumped right into building a stage-ready look, and 5 months later, I took home two first-place wins at my very first competition ever. She has taught me so much, and I will forever be grateful to have a coach like her. She has been an amazing coach and an amazing friend to have in my corner. I am so thankful for the entire BBB team and the support they've given me."
Jasmine Metcalf
"Laura has been an extraordinary coach, guiding me with unwavering support through the challenging stages of pre-menopause and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. Her expertise and encouragement have been invaluable in navigating the physical and emotional changes that come with this phase of life. With her guidance, I've not only managed the symptoms of pre-menopause but have also adopted sustainable lifestyle habits that promote overall well-being. Laura's compassion, knowledge, and dedication make her not just a coach, but a trusted ally in my journey towards better health and vitality."
Elisabeth Newman
" I came to Laura in November of 2022, from a previous coaching experience I was not happy with, and with a goal of building to compete in the Figure division. After I first inquired, Laura was happy to jump on a call and discuss her coaching process in detail with me to help me understand her coaching style, prep, show day and so on to align with my goals I presented to her. I was immediately sold and signed up with Laura directly after my call. From the moment I spoke with her I was blown away at her expert knowledge, presentation of her coaching process, and what she included as a coach for her clients. I felt comfortable knowing she took her clients very seriously and always considers a client’s preferences as well which was important to me. She had me fill out paperwork which I was able to tell her a lot about me before she put together an individualized plan. She then provided me with an extremely thorough plan which included meals, training, check-in forms, etc. and I was absolutely blow away at how detailed this plan was. No stone was left unturned. Even check-ins every week were just so detailed! There was no room for error, and she had no problem answering the MANY questions I constantly had with detailed answers. Communication was top notch with her and is the most important quality in a coach to client relationship. We then built an amazing shape in 6 months’ time and assessed and decided we would be ready to prep for my first show. I couldn’t believe it! The detailed plans didn’t stop there. I then received new detailed plans for prep, again, leaving no room for error on her end. The check-ins got even more detailed and frequent and that made me feel so comfortable and more ready each week that went by! No questions went unanswered. In person posing with her was even better. She was so detailed with my routine and mandatory poses. I started with her from scratch she had me ready in no time. Prep came and went then it was show day and SHE SHOWED UP FOR ME IN EVERY WAY. She made sure every detail of my show day and show day eve went perfectly and I was as prepared for it as I could be. She will make sure you bring your BEST look every time and that you are not 80, but 100% ready. She stayed with me backstage during my whole show to make sure we did everything we could at the right time making me feel so comfortable and prepared. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was on show day. Not a worry in the world, just pure enjoyment which is how it is meant to be. Because of her prepping me and being detailed in every way (even during bulk), this is what prepared for a successful show. Stepping out on stage I could have stayed there all day; I was so comfortable. I could not believe it; I KILLED IT! I SWEPT my first show ever, winning 3 classes and 2 overalls. Even my feedback from the judges was that they were blown away, that I was already ready for Nationals, and not to change anything. Like WHAT! I could not believe it. Show day was one of the best days that I’ll remember that forever. Having a coach who prepares you from the start is what makes your show day successful, and Laura does just that as a coach, making you feel like YOU are her only client. For that I could not have asked for a better coach to take me through my bodybuilding journey. I am excited to see where we go in my journey, where Laura draws the map and I’m along for the ride 😊"
Amber Richardson
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