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Built by Bedson was founded in 2016. It is a General Nutrition, Lifestyle, Competition coaching, and an online training business based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Tyler has been blessed to help so many clients from Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Team Sports, and just your everyday Client who wants to feel better and look better.

We offer coaching for anything and everything in between to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. We pride ourselves on our customer support, quality service, and our genuine personalities to take care of each client with an individually customized approach!

"Once a client let's me coach them, my goal is to make them wonder why they were ever coached by someone else. I want my client's to feel like the service is so good, they would pay more." -Tyler Bedson
What We offer

Our Goal is to Help You Reach Yours


Customized training, diet, cardio, and supplementation to fit your goals.


Customized training to fit your goals sent monthly to keep your body responding.


Professional figure, bikini, bodybuilding, classic physique, and men's & women's physique.


Complete training assessment and programming to try out and see if we are the right fit for you.


We answer questions about how to properly set up a diet, advice on training, supplementation, and more.


Learn how to coach the proper way over an 8-week, 1-hour-a-week course. Class is done through facetime.

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"I had seen Tyler’s other client’s progress, but what pushed me to make the leap and join his team was when he met me in person prior to even starting. We built a great foundation and ever since then, I haven’t lost that fire in me. Solely because of the way he has treated me & the way he has helped me progress in ways I’ve never imagined I’ve put my trust in him and I’ve always seen the results we planned for. He’s a text/phone call away for any questions or concerns I’ve ever had! The work and effort he puts into his clients speaks for itself.

Erika Karle

"Working with Tyler has been such an amazing experience in every aspect. I’ve never met someone who has knowledge on his level and so willing to share it with others. He’s pushed me farther and harder than I could have ever imagined. I came to him with a goal and he helped me turn it into a reality. Tyler has not only been a great coach but friend as well. I can’t say enough good things about Tyler and the built by bedson team."

Logan Jackson

"As I was younger and throughout college I was always extremely active and strong. After graduating college I became attached to a desk and gained adult responsibilities and I did not adapt as well as I thought I would. I became a yo-yo dieter, walked a lot less, and did not always keep up with a regular workout routine. Almost 10 months ago, I began working with Tyler and my life was changed. I gained healthier eating habits, got back to a regular workout program, and almost immediately started feeling better. I have had ups and downs in my progress, but have overall lost about 35 pounds since starting!


"Whether you are a bodybuilder or just a general lifestyle client like me, you will get results with Tyler if you follow his plan. Best decision I ever made was taking that leap and asking for help from him."

Matt Kasier

"Working with Tyler has been life-changing to say the least. He has challenged me mentally, physically, emotionally and in ways that have me a better person inside and out."

Naomi Wilkerson
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