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Austin Brown: ISSA & Fitness Expert

Austin’s love for health and fitness began in 2012 as a college freshman. Coming off a football-related injury, Austin found himself immersed in learning more about how to shed the extra weight that he no longer needed. This drove him to pursue a major in exercise science where he fell in love with the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body, as well as the research that accompanied these fields. Ultimately, this drove him to pursue the world of competitive bodybuilding beginning in 2014. Since then, Austin has competed in 14 bodybuilding competitions achieving multiple high national-level placements. He has been coaching others in some capacity since 2015, working with hundreds of varying lifestyles, age groups, and levels of experience. He prides himself in his communication skills and ability to meet his clients where they’re at in life to ensure progress towards their goals. With 5 years experience in corporate finance and accounting prior to coaching full-time, Austin possesses a strong attention to detail and takes an approach that is both analytical and empathetic to maximize client results during their time with him.


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“As a 53 year old woman, I came to Austin with high expectations of both myself and my coach. Weight has never been my issue, however, putting on lean muscle tissue has. I have numerous health issues and have never been able to navigate my own health journey to meet my goals. Fast forward to my second year with Austin and my goals are not only on track but we are set to exceed my expectations this year with the possibility of competing in the future! Austin is now an invaluable part of my life with his guidance, knowledge, and patience. I feel unstoppable with him at my side.”
“I have been into weight training and fitness off and on for roughly the last 20 years of my life. Before hiring Austin as my coach I thought I knew a lot about fitness and overall health but at the same time I never quite made the progress I hoped for. I hired Austin in October of 2022 and it was the best decision I could've made for my fitness goals. In the last 18 months I have been through growth phases and cutting phases and I am currently in the middle of a contest prep. Austin has made each of these phases not only enjoyable but also very effective and beneficial for me to reach my goals. If you are thinking about hiring a coach I highly recommend reaching out to Austin today and get the process started. He has taught me more about fitness and myself in the last 18 months than I ever thought possible. The whole Built By Bedson team and coaches are a group that I feel are among the hardest working, most driven people you’ll meet.”
“Hiring Austin was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Not only has he helped me physically grow as a person, but has also helped me build the mental fortitude I needed to be great! He treats clients like family and is really passionate about what he does and it definitely shows. His communication skills are top tier and always gets back to you in a timely fashion. He offers a great perspective to help you deal with anything you have going on in life. You will not regret working with him! Not only is he a great coach but a phenomenal friend as well.”
“Austin's professionalism, communication, and passion is unparalleled. He is fully dedicated to bettering those he works with and his love for coaching is clear to see. I appreciate how quick he is to respond and make changes as well. He is also constantly working to expand upon his own knowledge, which I really appreciate in a coach. Austin is well-versed in many different areas and always has knowledgeable and honest answers to any questions I have. His best quality, though, is his ability to create a space for full transparency between coach and client. He cares for the personal growth of his clients in all areas and his sincerity in doing so always makes me feel comfortable being open and honest in our communication. Austin is an amazing coach, man, and friend and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to experience coaching on the highest level!”
“Training with Austin has been amazing to say the least. I started using fitness coaches a couple years ago and it took me a while to find the right coach that would help me achieve the goals I set for myself. At first I was nervous to reach out to Austin because I wasn’t sure if he was taking new clients. But then I was like, “what’s it going to hurt if he says no?” You just have to go for it."
"While working with Austin for the last 9 months I have learned so much from him. Austin has been very knowledgeable, patient, motivating and supportive throughout this process. He definitely listens to his clients which was a big factor for me. I’m the kind of person that if I feel like I’m not being heard by my coach when it comes to my goals, I slowly start to give up. Austin has never once doubted me. He makes adjustments if something doesn’t feel right and we touch base on it the next week to see if it has improved or not."
"Austin makes it very easy to come to him with questions and he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to diet and exercise. If I run into him at the gym and I know an exercise doesn’t feel right, he’ll go through the motion with me and give me pointers or suggestions so that I don’t injure myself."
"Austin has helped me stay consistent and this has been the best I have felt in years. It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. I highly recommend Austin to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle!”
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