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Anthony Groves: Certified Personal Trainer

Anthony graduated from the University of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He has always wanted to help people, at first, he thought it was through a career in law enforcement until he was introduced to the fitness industry back in 2018.

Anthony a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has helped many different people between the ages of 16-65 reach their goals, whether that is someone wanting to get into shape, an athlete looking to take it to the next level, or a beginner wanting to learn how to train properly.

Looking to further his knowledge to best help his clients, he’s completed both Tyler’s basic and advanced mentorships. With over 7 years’ experience working for a supplement company, 3 years’ experience as a personal trainer and being trained under Tyler, he has been able to help others change their lifestyle.


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"I have been lifting for over ten years. I started in college with powerlifting and after graduation I just never gave up the lifestyle. Over time I have used several different programs and coaches. Anthony has been the best without a doubt. I have been absolutely blown away with my experience using him and his program. He is very responsive, and not only does he give the response, but he also explains why he responded that way and what to expect from this action. He is very informative, supportive, and responsive (at all hours). These are all qualities that have been seriously lacking in my previous experiences with coaches. I was so pleased with the way he handled my program that I signed my wife up as well. She has less experience, but Anthony has still been just as excellent with my wife as he has been with me. I would confidently and without hesitation recommend Mr. Groves to train anyone at any level of experience."
Chase Dunford
"After working with Anthony for a better part of a year, I accomplished more than I could've imagined. Anthony is a friend, mentor, and a heck of a coach. I was able to learn the ins and outs of dieting and training through him, being easily accessible and his ability to teach has benefited me more than any trainer I've had in the past. When my personal life, finances or being a full-time student got in the way, Anthony was understanding and helped me make on the fly adjustments so we could continue with the progress. Overall, I can't compliment the man's coaching enough."
Sam Turley
"I have had an amazing time working with Anthony, I signed up at the beginning of the year for general nutrition and to drop a few lbs, to say I’m pleased with my progress so far is an understatement. But I’m more pleased with my experience interacting with Anthony, he has pushed me when I needed to be pushed and has been understanding when I’ve messed up. I’m definitely not the easiest client, 4 kids all in sports and a job with a commute of over an hour. Anthony has always had an answer for any problem I’ve had or any weird situation I was in. I’m very excited to see the progress moving forward and to see what we can accomplish. If anyone needs coaching or just wants to drop a few lbs. I will always recommend Anthony. "
Adam Humphrey
"Anthony has helped me achieve my fitness goals over the past year and a half. The changes are incredible. He brings knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail. My health has changed because of Anthony. Couldn’t be happier and recommend him higher. He is the best!"
Marshall Taylor
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– Anthony Groves